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Ideas and stories to inspire healthier communities

The Source is a lightweight, digestible newsletter with a mission to share impactful ideas and stories that inspire healthy communities.

We curate content on topics like health equity, research, and community health solutions. We also share examples of how communities are modernizing public health through technology.

On a mission to advance health equity through interoperability

Join 17k trailblazers in health innovation–techquity leaders from lab directors to community health specialists.

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Advancing health equity by modernizing public health infrastructure and knowledge through improving interoperability.

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    March 2024



    Ideas and stories to inspire healthier communities.

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    Happy Women’s History Month! Join us in celebrating the stellar achievements of women in science and medicine. Our tributes include Henrietta Lacks, the unwitting source of cells that transformed cancer and AIDS research, and Hydeia Broadbent, a dynamic HIV/AIDS activist since being diagnosed with HIV in childhood who died last month at age 39.


    We also share critical information to empower women to take charge of their health, from scheduling breast cancer screenings to reducing HIV/AIDS in women and girls. Please share this issue with the women in your life, workplace, and community.


    Finally, we provide another chance to catch our webinar on the power of point-of-care testing in residential care settings. The on-demand webinar features Primary’s COO Jessica Perkowitz and Director of Provider Operations Devon Phillips, who explain the transformative power of Primary’s new CLIA-waived onsite testing.

    On-Demand Webinar: From Illness to Action – Test to Treat in Real Time

    On-demand webinar with Primary host info


    Did you miss our dynamic webinar on using point-of-care testing to revolutionize healthcare in residential care settings for a healthier population? No worries! Watch our on-demand recording and get insights, best practices, and answers to all of your questions on point-of-care testing. Watch the webinar >>

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    On our radar

    Meet us at NACCHO Preparedness Summit in Cleveland – Booth 1010!


    Our team is excited to connect across sectors on public health preparedness and share our strategies and technology to prepare for and respond to public health emergencies. Follow us on LinkedIn for conference updates and takeaways. Follow us on Linkedin >>

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    – The Primary.Health Team


    February 2024

    Ideas and stories to inspire healthier communities.

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    Legacy: Unmasking Racism in Medicine

    At the intersection of health disparities, matters of the heart, and the significance of Black History Month, a critical narrative unfolds—one that exposes the insidious impact of racism within medicine. In this issue, we feature Dr. Uché Blackstock, an emergency medicine physician and author who delves into this legacy in her powerful book, Legacy: A Black Physician Reckons with Racism in Medicine. Through the lens of her family’s generations of Black women physicians, she unearths the roots of today’s disparities in medical training and treatment. In Dr. Blackstock’s words, “It is not biology that fails Black patients, but rather the deeply entrenched biases and racism woven into our healthcare institutions.”


    As we honor Black history, let us confront these inequities head-on, striving for a future where healthcare transcends prejudice and truly serves all. Read on to see steps public health providers and healthcare systems can take to reduce health disparities in the Black community, and how ETOR – Electronic Test Orders and Results – is transforming the healthcare landscape by making diagnostics more efficient and equitable for all.



    Announcement: The Primary.Health offices will be closed Monday, February 19 in observance of Presidents’ Day.

    Feb. 28 Webinar – From Illness to Action: Test to Treat in Real Time

    Healthcare worker helping someone in wheelchair


    Stop waiting, start healing! In this dynamic webinar, discover how point-of-care testing is revolutionizing healthcare in residential care settings by allowing faster diagnostics and immediate treatment decisions. Get insights, best practices, and answers to all of your questions on point-of-care testing.  Register for webinar >>

    From our blog

    On our radar

    Come see us at ViVE in LA


    ViVE is where digital health execs go to do business. So naturally, Primary will be there!


    Don’t miss the February 26 panel featuring our Medical Director Aditya Chandrasekhar, MD. Adi will speak with the AMA Physician Innovation Network for PIN In-Real-Life on integrating the physician voice to improve health technology. We’ve earmarked VIVE’s Techquity sessions, too. Follow us on LinkedIn for our conference takeaways on the future of tech to address health disparities.

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    January 2024


    Ideas and stories to inspire healthier communities.

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    Message from our CEO

    Dear Readers,

    In 2024, Primary is driving change in public health with technology-focused solutions. Honoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision, we confront health inequity head-on.

    Our approach includes expanding point-of-care testing and immunizations to underserved areas. Primary’s innovations encompass simplifying appointment access, multilingual communication, Public Health Labs integration, and streamlined billing, all aimed at empowering communities and enhancing public health efficiency.

    Join us in shaping a more equitable healthcare landscape.


    Andrew Kobylinski

    Photo of Primary CEO Andrew Kobylinski

    From our blog

    On our radar

    Case Study: Unlocking Language Accessibility

    “Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.”
    –– Martin Luther King Jr.

    Example text message conversation showing translation access for digital health


    A major barrier to accessing quality healthcare is the inability to communicate in one’s own language. This is especially true in the United States, where English is the presumed default. That’s why Primary’s platform supports multiple languages and is always expanding to accommodate new ones.

    Read case study

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    December 2023


    Ideas and stories to inspire healthier communities.

    Bridging the Gap: Improving Healthcare Access for the Unhoused

    Vol. 2

    Before we dive into our newsletter topic for this month, we wanted to take a moment to celebrate the work we’ve accomplished together in service of our communities.

    We’ve provided 63 service types to 867,697 people in 183 counties (phew!). We also launched sexual health testing capabilities on the Primary platform, and supported our first free STI testing program.

    In addition, we established several public health lab integrations via their respective LIMS/LIS systems. This allows for lab-to-lab paperless communication and enables community organizations to work directly with their local Public Health Labs to expedite testing.

    And we will continue this critical work into 2024.

    This month’s newsletter focuses on the unhoused population. According to the CDC, people experiencing homelessness are at increased risk for infectious and non-infectious diseases. Despite experiencing higher rates of disease, access to healthcare can often be more difficult for this population.

    In this issue, we share resources for ordering free Covid-19 tests, and an exciting development that allows providers of ‘street medicine’ to be reimbursed for services administered in non-traditional settings.

    On the topic of expanding access, we’re also excited to announce Primary’s CLIA waiver program, which allows providers to offer professional point-of-care tests outside of the traditional lab setting.

    Bringing healthcare to populations in need, wherever they need it, is one way to break down barriers to care.

    Together, we can create more paths and points of access to healthcare for all. Thank you for being a vital part of our community. Here’s to another year of meaningful change!

    Announcement: The Primary.Health offices will be closed on Monday, December 25th and Monday, January 1st during the holiday. We wish everyone a joyful and healthy holiday season.

    From our blog


    Community Healthcare for the Unhoused: A Compassionate Responsibility

    Learn how Primary.Health community clinics and new federal reimbursement for ‘street medicine’ make it easier for communities to provide healthcare to the unsheltered. Read post >>


    Vending machine as community clinic: Dispensing healthcare for all

    Put healthcare where it’s needed most: Primary.Health stocks vending machines with no-cost at-home diagnostic tests and other essential healthcare items to provide 24/7 access to healthcare. Read post >>

    On our radar


    Free at-home COVID-19 tests

    Healthy news to share with your community: Get four free at-⁠home COVID-⁠19 tests this fall. Every home in the United States is eligible to order an additional four free at-⁠home tests. If you did not order tests this fall, you may place two orders for a total of 8 tests.

    Your order of COVID tests is completely free – you won’t even pay for shipping. Get free tests >>


    Health care ‘game-changer’? Feds boost care for homeless Americans

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) now allow public and private insurers to pay “street medicine” providers for medical services they deliver any place homeless people might be staying, instead of only in traditional settings like clinics and hospitals. Read article >>


    Venice Family Clinic gets new van, $1 million grant from Cedars-Sinai to help homeless outreach

    A mobile clinic will be able to reach more patients on the Westside, include the unhoused community, thanks to a generous grant from Cedars-Sinai. Read article >>

    Introducing CLIA-waived testing with Primary


    You can now administer point-of-care (POC) testing with Primary’s CLIA waiver!

    Primary is excited to offer CLIA waiver coverage to organizations that want to administer point-of-care testing.

    Under Primary’s CLIA Waiver, you can administer point-of-care tests for Flu, RSV, COVID-19, STI, UTI, HIV, and more, so you can keep your community healthy. See the full suite of supported testing below!

    Learn more

    CLIA Waived Testing

    From our product team


    Testing options with Primary

    Community programs like yours can serve to bridge the gap in healthcare disparities faced by our unhoused population.

    With programs that support testing outside of clinic walls, you can overcome access barriers and reach people directly, offering faster diagnoses and timely medical intervention.

    Since 2020, the Primary platform has supported the administration of over 14 million tests. Designed to simplify flows, our platform supports professional testing with self-administered test kits and CLIA-waived testing programs.

    With Primary, you can offer an array of lab-based, point-of-care (POC) and over-the-counter (OTC) diagnostics, including:

    Sexually Transmitted Infections

    • Chlamydia
    • Gonorrhea
    • Syphilis
    • HIV
    • Hepatitis C
    • HPV
    • HSV2
    • Mpox

    Health Screenings

    • Hemoglobin
    • Colorectal Cancer
    • Creatinine
    • Hba1c
    • Cholesterol
    • Lead
    • Testosterone
    • Vitamin D

    Respiratory Infections

    • RSV
    • Flu
    • Strep
    • COVID

    In addition, expanded testing programs can:
    • Support direct patient fulfillment
    • Automatically send lab orders
    • Automatically report test results
    • Track results outreach
    • Support optional Provider Services for follow-up 
    You can provide equitable, accessible, and efficient programs to improve the health of your community. Let Primary support your testing efforts!

    Schedule a call

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    Wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season. See you in the new year!

    – The Primary.Health Team


    November 2023


    Ideas and stories to inspire healthier communities.

    Issue 1

    Hello from Primary

    The Source is a lightweight, digestible newsletter with a mission to share impactful ideas and stories that inspire healthy communities. We curate content on topics like health equity, research, data, and community health solutions. We also share examples of how communities are modernizing public health through technology.


    We know you care about these issues, helping people, and so much more just as we do – and we’re so grateful you are here with us! We’ve gone through a lot of changes ourselves, but the journey has been filled with growth as we work toward bridging gaps in health and tech.


    Throughout the pandemic, one thing has become clear: public health knowledge, messaging, and resources are still needed even more than ever – and that’s what our newsletter will deliver.


    Each month, our goal is to craft helpful, actionable content for you and serve as a reliable source for health news. Our hope for this newsletter is to unify us in modernizing bulky public health interoperability, from sharing program services to demonstrating how tech teams can digitize your workflows.

    Announcement: The Primary.Health offices will be closed Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th in observance of Thanksgiving. We hope you and yours have a wonderful holiday!

    From our blog

    On our radar

    Did you know?

    Immunizations are a critical measure in protecting our loved ones and our community from preventable infectious disease. Let Primary simplify your next vaccine clinic!

    Learn more

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    See you next month!


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