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Data Modernization in Public Health

Our platform can help connect fragmented sources so you don’t have to do it alone! Primary.Health can streamline data collection, integration, analysis, and utilization to drive actionable insights and informed decision-making.

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We’re healthcare technology experts whose platform has supported testing and vaccination programs at scale. We can do this for you, too!

How can Primary.Health help?

Our platform tailors, streamlines, and automates cost-effective diagnostic testing, vaccination, and test-to-treat programs at scale.

  • We help public health agencies modernize information systems and data infrastructure.

  • We prioritize data security, and support seamless data connections to public health systems.

  • We ensure a patient-centered approach that meets community needs effectively.

What we offer

  • Integrated Disease Surveillance Systems and Real-Time Monitoring

  • Standard Patient Components & Forms

  • PHD Electronic Data Exchange: Electronic Laboratory Reporting (ELR)

  • PHL Integrated Electronic Test Orders and Results (ETOR) Solution

  • Sample Tracking & Result Reporting

  • HIV: Cluster Detection/Prioritization, Data Collection/ Reporting, Data Systems/Data Management Activities, Opt-Out Screening, Rapid Linkage to HIV Care, PrEP/ PEP and Other Harm Reduction Services

  • Public Health Emergency Response: Data System and Infrastructure Activities


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