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Transforming healthcare management

Primary builds at the forefront of public health innovation. Driven by a profound commitment to community well-being, we aim to support large-scale vaccination, diagnostic testing, and other critical public health services.

Features and benefits

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web browser
Device-friendly web platform

Works on any staff or participant device. Designed for maximum accessibility. Fast, flexible appointment scheduling.

lab data
Easy-to-exchange data

Works with any public database, lab, test, and insurance company so information flows seamlessly.

Meaningful metrics & dashboards

No complicated graphs, only practical dashboards with key health data to manage your organization.

Primary has had the privilege of working alongside cities, counties, and state agencies in more than 25 states to administer over 14 million diagnostic tests, 1.6 million vaccines and connect 7 million patients to treatment services at sites across the country.

We are the chosen partners for states and counties transitioning from multiple overlapping emergency systems to streamline efficient IT infrastructure for post-COVID service delivery.

Partners turn to us to help them transition from their legacy testing and vaccination scheduling platforms.

By implementing the Primary platform as your testing and vaccination system, we can help you:

  • Digitize workflows to reduce manual data entry, paper records, and phone calls

  • Encourage participation and buy-in to state initiatives by local providers

  • Enable non-clinical stakeholders (ie. CBOs) to participate and amplify public health efforts

  • Meet the needs of patients with language, technology, and other access barriers

  • Adapt to power testing, vaccination, and other critical public health services

  • Connect to other state software / IT systems for better interoperability

  • 1.6M

    Vaccines delivered

  • 20+

    Vaccine types supported

  • 7M

    Lives across all programs

  • 10K+


Where you may have seen us

Primary is proud to partner with diverse organizations from coast to coast to deliver health tech solutions across communities at all scales.

Our team is behind digital health access with partners at California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Bay Area Phlebotomy and Laboratory Services (BayPLS), Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE), Homeland Health Specialists (HHS) and the Minnesota Department of Health, North Dakota Department of Health, Disease Control and Forensic Pathology, South Dakota Department of Health, Optum Michigan, and Pfizer’s vaxassist.com, to name a few.

What You Get

How it works

Testing / vaccine reporting & analytics

Same day reporting to state health registries; optional link to EHRs, health plans, and other databases to flag testing/vaccine gaps

Streamlined participant outreach

Custom clinic messaging and reminders supported in 22+ languages

Testing / vaccine registration management

Paperless and participant-centric registration, consent, scheduling, & administration

Comprehensive testing / vaccinations

Supports 20+ vaccination types for children, adults, and seniors with automated multi-dose follow-up. Support for a multitude of OTC, POC, and lab-based testing.

Interoperability at scale

  • Kickoff

    Upload your list of participants and invite them to the event.

Communicate: Get the word out using customized e-mail and SMS messaging, with communications supported in 22+ languages.

Promote: Encourage direct clinic scheduling to organizations, health plan members, community groups, or school rosters.

Remind: Set up automated appointment reminders to ensure no one forgets about your event!

Primary.Health example of clinical direct-to-patient communication
Appointment registration on phone mockup
  • Registration

    Participants register for testing and/or vaccination services either online, at your location, or onsite.

Simplify: Offer easy, digital registration, consent, and administration.

Streamline: Enable patient-centric scheduling by location and services.

  • Testing and/or Vaccination Services

    Vaccines are administered onsite by a local provider. Tests can be administered by a health care worker (HCW) or OTC, depending on test type. Primary supports a variety of health care testing modules because your community is unique, like you!

Customize: Choose from 20+ pediatric, adult, and senior vaccinations from a wide range of manufacturers.

Protect: Customize clinical questionnaires, safeguard vaccine lots and separate codes for VFC and insurance-billed vaccines.

Follow up: Automated scheduling for multi-dose follow-up.

pneumonia vaccine
Vaccine record example mockup
  • Records

    Participants receive paper and digital copies of testing and/or vaccination records.

Notify: Send digital record of vaccination to patient.

Query: Use dashboard to access immunization records, with automated immunization information system (IIS) query.

  • Reporting

    Primary.Health submits testing and vaccination records to the appropriate state organization as needed.

Review: analyze live administration metrics.

Send: Benefit from same-day automated vaccine reporting to state IISs.

Manage: Plan for clinic inventory and capacity.

Integrate: Optionally connect with health plans, EHRs, databases and more.

Primary test data reporting dashboard

A secure, affordable way to manage health services for your community or organization at scale.

Security and compliance

Partner with the experts

Why choose us

Primary was founded on the belief we can make a difference in health care accessibility and delivery.

What started as a pure volunteer effort to enable solutions for the most vulnerable populations at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic has turned into a lasting collective solution to build the kind of interoperability we wish existed for clinics, labs, and organizations at scale.

Our DNA is building technology that can support diverse and custom testing and vaccination programs at scale, and we can do this for you, too!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the platform free up time for my overworked administrative staff?

    We’ve automated time-consuming tasks like patient communications, testing, and vaccination record updates. We’ve also eliminated the need to access multiple systems, freeing your staff to focus on what they do best. For example, customize a patient reminder and let our platform do the rest. The patient portal makes it easy for patients to log in, your admin staff to upload testing or vaccination records, clinicians to retrieve organization and provider forms, and more.

    Can the platform integrate with my organization’s existing software?

    Yes! Our system integrates with labs, telehealth solutions, digital payment solutions, and even data reporting tools–as well as most testing and immunization information systems and makes it easy to upload participant lists.

    What system training do you provide?

    Primary.Health provides all the onboarding, training, user guides, and support your organization needs to use the platform. Questions? Our team is just a phone call or email away.

    I need more information to decide. Who do I contact with my questions?

    And we have it! Our Primary.Health team is available to answer questions or walk you through our platform. Email us at sales@primary.health or call 1-855-970-3223.