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Comprehensive digital platform for optimal school health management and staff efficiency.

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    Schools nationwide
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    States Served
  • 1.5M
    Vaccines administered
  • 7M
    Lives served
What You Get

Integrated, paperless K-12 school health management, with confidence

Immunization Management and Reporting

Syncs SISs and state databases to flag gaps in student records

Automated Parent Outreach

Custom messaging + portal for records upload

OTC Testing & Vaccinations

Administration, reporting, and powering of pop-up clinics

Healthy Air

Advanced indoor air pathogen monitoring and solutions

Choose the school health management solution that’s right for your school or district

State Program

  • E-registration & consent
  • Vaccine database queries & forms
  • Vaccine status report
  • Parent immunization communications*
  • At-home/OTC test reporting
  • Testing communications*
  • Vaccination clinic administration
  • Test-to-treat linkage
  • Testing & reporting (rapid/lab)**

Honor Roll

  • Everything from State Program +
  • State vaccine adherence reporting
  • Testing communications
  • SIS integration***

Dean’s List

  • Everything from Honor Roll +
  • Allergy & Rx management
  • Local provider & public health links
  • Sports physical-vision-hearing management
  • Clinical consults & follow-ups
  • Sexual health test kits
  • Mental health services (via partners)
  • Air quality monitoring

*Usage limits  —  **Primary Network Labs  —  ***SISs using OneRoster(R)

Program features

Our solutions are designed to fit your school or district’s lesson plan:

  • Immunization management
    Real-time dashboard with built-in tools to manage, react to, and report on immunization status.
  • Parent communications
    Customize email + text messages and go! Portal streamlines document upload.
  • OTC Testing & vaccine administration
    Administer/report on tests & vaccinations (Flu shots, at-home/OTC and PCR tests, STI programs, more).
  • Program & compliance reporting
    Syncs with Aeries/other SISs & state IISs (CAIR, CIS, MIIC, ImmTrac2, WA-IIS) for seamless reporting.
  • Call center support
    All the phone support you need, both technical and, if specified, for participants.
  • Air monitoring
    Customized indoor air and pathogen monitoring and mitigation for safer air, healthier learning.
  • Test procurement
    OTC test kit fulfillment and distribution. Multiple partners and vendors so you can choose the best fit for your school.
  • OTC Testing & vaccine administration
    Administer/report on tests & vaccinations (Flu shots, at-home/OTC and PCR tests, STI programs, more).
  • On-site clinic coordination
    On-site staff for test administration and software support, with one-hour onboarding training to become a test administrator.
What You Get

Essential school tools for a healthier ‘new normal’

Immunization management

Real-time dashboard to monitor, react to, and report on immunization status.

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Automated parent outreach

Customize email + text reminders and go! Portal streamlines document upload.

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Testing & vaccine administration

Administer/report on tests & vaccinations (Flu, at-home/OTC/PCR/STI) Power vaccination clinics.

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School & state reporting

Syncs with Aeries/other SISs & state IISs (CAIR, CIIS, MIIC, ImmTrac2, WA-IIS) for seamless reporting.

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Key Features

Designed with you in mind

web browser

Device-friendly web platform

Works on any staff, student, or parent device. Designed for maximum accessibility. Fast, flexible appointment scheduling.

lab data

Easy-to-exchange data

Works with any public database, lab, test, and insurance company so information flows seamlessly.


Meaningful metrics & dashboards

No complicated graphs, only practical dashboards with key health data to manage your school.


Digital immunization management & reporting

Everything you need to minimize school risk from vaccine-preventable diseases and maximize staff satisfaction in a single platform:

  • Syncs with SISs/state immunization registries so you know instantly which records are overdue, conditional, complete, more.
  • Automates parent outreach so you can customize email + text reminders; online portal for easy parent/guardian document upload
  • Dashboard to view, manage, and react to student records from a single location. Prompt for parent reminders.
  • Digitizes paper records and bulk generate immunization forms

Say goodbye to paper documents, complicated spreadsheets, chasing down missing student immunization records.

air flow diagram

Healthy Air

Building on our innovative health diagnostics, our customized indoor air and pathogen monitoring and solutions for schools results in safer air and a healthier learning environment:

  • Easy-to-use air assessment kits and empowerment guides
  • Short term (low-cost) and long term air quality fixes in identified areas
  • Monitoring process for changes in air quality to reduce outbreaks
  • A single command center to drive decision-making
Covid19 pediatric vaccine for children ages 5-11

Easy, low-cost testing and vaccination solutions

As we have for 4,000+ schools nationwide since 2020, we can integrate the diagnostic tests and immunizations (like flu shots) your school needs to stay safe and healthy:

  • Flu shots – streamlined flu vaccination through our appointment-based system
  • At-home/OTC tests – self-administered rapid antigen tests for peak infection periods
  • PCR tests – for asymptomatic screening
  • STI test kits – de-identified, easy to use at home
  • Multiplex testing – Real-time ID of multiple respiratory virus antigens (flu, COVID-19, more)
  • Vaccine clinics – easy scheduling & administration to keep student vaccinations up-to-date

Does your school or district need testing or services besides those above? Contact us to customize a solution!


Customer success stories


Parents and students are eager for schools to reopen in San Diego. Primary.Health’s automated technology is giving us the tools we need to register, streamline and organize testing so that we can get life back to normal for our kids, while ensuring teachers and parents feel healthy and safe.

  • Donnie Salamanca
  • Deputy Superintendent
  • Coronado Unified School District

It has helped parents trust that we are paying attention, it has taken the pressure off families to find tests, it has helped us keep kids in school.

  • Cory Powers
  • Grade School Administration Coordinator
  • San Francisco Waldorf School
Primary Health

We began using antigen testing following extended breaks. After Winter Break, we were able to significantly decrease exposure due to a staggered school day start and antigen testing. This program has kept our school in-person through the Omicron surge and we are very grateful for it.

  • Tanya Spishak
  • Director of Communications
  • Woodland School

Primary.Health’s platform helped us create a safer in-person learning environment for all of our staff, especially our teachers and students.

  • Roy Mendiola, Ed.D
  • Superintendent
  • McSwain Union Elementary School District

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the platform free up time for my overworked administrative staff?

We’ve automated time-consuming tasks like parent communications and student record updates and eliminated the need to access multiple systems, freeing your staff to focus on what they do best. For example, customize a parent reminder and let our platform do the rest. The parent portal makes it easy for parents and guardians to log in, upload immunization records, retrieve school and provider forms, and more.

Can the platform integrate with my school or district’s existing software?

Yes! Our system integrates with most School Information Systems (SIS) and Immunization Information Systems (IIS) and makes it easy to upload student rosters. Need help with annual immunization reporting? Talk to us about further integration with your state’s registries.

What system training do you provide?

Primary.Health provides all the onboarding, training, user guides, and support your school needs to use the platform. Questions? Our team is just a phone call or email away.

I need more information to decide. Who do I contact with my questions?

We get it! Our Primary.Health school health team is available to answer questions or walk you through our platform. Email us at or call 1-855-970-3223.

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