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Enabling indoor air safety and infection control

Air safety and monitoring for a smarter, healthier path to 'back to normal'.

Easy solutions for safer air, healthier living

Better indoor air quality is key to preventing flu, COVID-19, asthma, and other health concerns in the places where we live, learn, and gather. Building on our innovative health diagnostics, Primary.Health offers customized indoor air and pathogen monitoring and mitigation for schools, congregate living facilities, and public health domains. Incorporating Poppy Health’s advanced indoor air monitoring systems, our four-part approach makes it easy for administrators to:
  • Visualize indoor airflow and fix it with low-cost solutions.
  • Monitor for high levels of infectious air and prevent outbreaks.
  • Respond with fast, easy, and cheap home diagnostic testing.
  • Consult a single command center to drive decision-making.



Tailored safety approaches

With fewer infection control mandates, administrators need new ways to keep locations safe. Primary.Health’s team can design a solution that fits your existing people, buildings, and technology. We make infection control easy and seamless, with no disruptions to daily schedules.

  • Schools – Curb absenteeism from asthma, wildfires, allergies, and viruses through improved air safety and keep the community safe and healthy.
  • Public health – Track discrepancies in air safety across buildings, neighborhoods, and populations and identify opportunities to improve health equity and outcomes.
  • Congregate living – Fortify infection control protocols for older adult communities, correctional facilities, temporary housing, and other high-density quarters through air safety projects, testing, and improvements.


Our trusted indoor air safety partner Poppy Health shares our mission

Key Features

Tangible solutions to clear the air

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Air assessment and improvement

Rapid air assessment generates continual readings of room or building air safety, protecting people from infectious disease, wildfire smoke, pollution, etc.

Pathogen detection icon

Pathogen detection

Tracks presence of flu, Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV), COVID-19 and other pathogens, including allergens, pollutants, and mold.

Diagnostic testing icon

Diagnostic testing

Generates SMS alert for COVID-19 exposure. Prompts home testing via easy-to-use mobile app and Primary.Health-supplied advanced diagnostic tests.

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Visualize variations in air change rate, infection risk, and testing rates so you can react to discrepancies in air safety across buildings, neighborhoods, populations, etc.

Support at every step, so you breathe easier

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We visit your facility and generate an image of the built space, flow of air, and air change rate for each room.

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We suggest short-term fixes like the use and placement of air filters along with longer term strategies to increase air intake and adjust HVAC systems.

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Monitor and notify

We track air change rates in each room and install a monitor for pathogens like the flu, COVID-19, RSV, and others. You can receive alerts for home testing or other steps in line with your organization’s policies.

step 4 icon

Test at home

We support easy home testing and reporting with low-cost, barcoded home tests for the flu, COVID-19, and other conditions and our Primary.Health Diagnostics app.

step 5 icon

Visualize data

We can integrate our data into your dashboard and preferred data management system. Use our dashboard or request a flexible data feed for your needs.

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"...When Primary.Health integrated Poppy into our safety program, it made perfect sense. Poppy's air monitoring system is an easy and unobtrusive way to visualize airflow and keep classrooms safe. Changes as simple as repositioning air filters can make a big difference."

Susanne DeRisi
Librarian and COVID testing program coordinator
Synergy School in San Francisco

All the latest Primary.Health updates

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Primary.Health and Poppy Health Collaborate with Head Start Oakland to Eradicate Airborne Viruses in Classrooms Through Indoor Air Safety Monitoring

The public health platform and indoor air monitoring company build on their successful partnership to keep Bay-Area pre-schools safe from diseases like COVID, Flu, and RSV

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Poppy Health Releases Results from Pilot with Primary.Health on Indoor Air Safety Monitoring for Schools

The pilot results showcase the importance of air monitoring for airborne illnesses

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Primary.Health Announces New Medical Director Aditya Chandrasekhar

Physician leader from Fenway Health in Boston joins the growing clinical team to fight ongoing health crises.

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San Francisco International Airport Partners with Primary.Health to Implement Rapid COVID-19 Testing Program of International Travelers

Primary.Health partners with San Francisco International Airport to provide COVID-19 testing program to stem the spread of the Omicron variant...

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Primary.Health Selected by the Minnesota Departments of Administration and Health as a COVID-19 Testing Vendor

Testing continues to be an important tool for Minnesotans to quickly identify whether they or a family member have a COVID-19 infection, so they can isolate and slow the spread of the virus,” said…

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Primary.Health Signs Health Equity Pledge to Leverage Data in Addressing Disparities

Data and technology have immense power to identify and help reverse societal structures that have had a measurable impact on inhibiting good health and quality of life. However, we must take a systemic approach…

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"Test to Stay": New Approach Keeps COVID-Exposed Students in Class

The test-to-stay model appears to be driving a share of that interest. Andrew Kobylinski, the CEO of Primary.Health, which works with California and other states to expand rapid testing, said test-to-stay “is definitely gaining” popularity in schools.

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Rapid COVID-19 Testing Proves a Key Tool for Safer In-Person Learning in California Schools

As the State of California releases new guidance for schools and the Delta variant spreads, the Public Health Institute’s Safely Opening Schools (SOS) school testing program is reporting on findings from more than 200 California schools...

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