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Primary Provider: 4 tech-powered testing options outside the clinic

  • March 12, 2024

  • Primary.Health Editorial Team

  • 2 minutes

Transform almost any location into a care setting by pairing Primary diagnostics with our powerful software.

Since we began, Primary’s intuitive software platform has powered millions of tests and vaccinations and touched lives at hundreds of sites across the country.

Today, our platform forms the core of Primary Provider’s four testing and treatment solutions to reduce the spread of infectious disease and manage chronic conditions. Our simple and affordable diagnostics easily transform schools, workplaces, residential care facilities, and even homes into care settings – no clinic needed.

We offer options to test for flu, RSV, Strep A, STIs, urinary tract infections (UTIs( and more. Additionally, you can monitor critical metrics like HBA1C, cholesterol and hemoglobin to see who’s at risk for more serious illness.

Supporting each Provider solution are Primary’s virtual clinical team as well as HIPAA- and ADA-compliant software that streamlines every program phase. Common tasks like patient registration, messaging, test resulting, and real-time reporting are only a click away via our mobile or desktop dashboards. Translations available in more than 20 languages make it easier to communicate with the people you serve. 

Read on to learn more about each testing option and how our diagnostics and software can lead to better health for your population.

Make us your Primary Provider

Our team will help you determine the optimal Primary Provider diagnostic option(s) and panel of tests for your needs:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) testing: Our software elevates your existing OTC testing by providing program management and analytics tools. We make it easy to administer, track, record, and report on testing efforts to inform care and program planning. Monitor your population’s health and respond to it.
  • CLIA-waived point of care (POC) testing: With Primary’s CLIA waiver, your site can perform simple tests onsite under our lab’s supervision – choose any test in the CLIA federal database! Get real-time test results, treatment options, and data analytics to keep your people healthy. Our team manages CLIA compliance, including training, freeing your staff to focus on patient care. 
  • At-home testing: Our on-site and direct to consumer (DTC) testing models allow you to bring confirmatory, complex lab-based tests directly to the people you serve, wherever they call home. Discreetly screen people for respiratory and sexually transmitted infections and some cancers and/or monitor them for diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic conditions. Your program benefits from all the efficiency of our platform. 
  • Telehealth & e-prescribe: We know testing raises questions, especially when someone receives a positive or abnormal result. In these cases, our clinicians are available for virtual consults, e-prescribe treatments, and follow-up care when needed. Our test to treat approach limits the spread of infection by diagnosing and treating patients as soon as possible. Opt to add Primary telehealth and e-prescribe to OTC, POC, or DTC testing, for tests where clinical support is needed. 

Partner with Primary Provider to design a diagnostics solution to keep your people healthy and free up staff time for more hands-on care.

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