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Reimagining community clinics to meet patients where they are

  • August 9, 2023

  • Primary.Health Editorial Team

  • 2 minutes

community clinics reimagined

Tech-powered testing and vaccines beyond clinic walls, tailored to the community’s needs.

What’s a community clinic?

At Primary.Health, we believe it’s whatever the community needs to provide accessible, reliable healthcare at scale to its people. We let the community lead and let us know their needs — whether a community-based organization (CBO), government entity, or group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, like a nursing home or shelter.

Because our platform is powerful and flexible enough to deliver a wide variety of services, we let the community define their program. After all, they know their people and needs best.

As a result, our community clinics can take many forms beyond the traditional brick and mortar: a vending machine dispensing sexual health tests 24/7 on a college campus. A pop-up flu vaccination clinic at a train station. Or STI test kits mailed to people’s homes coupled with virtual follow-ups. 

Though our clinic models may vary, our mission with every clinic remains the same: to provide fast, easy preventive healthcare through technology and diagnostics, particularly to the underserved.

Technology enables whole-community, whole-patient health

Powering every community clinic is Primary.Health’s technology platform. Our integrated software streamlines administrative and operational tasks for our community partners, such as patient communication, end-to-end lab integration, and robust data reporting. That same software makes it easy for participants to register, schedule family appointments, retrieve test results, and even scan their insurance card.  

Everything happens within a HITRUST-secured, HIPAA-compliant environment that keeps private health data safe and confidential.

Primary.Health alternative community clinic models

Building on our experience of delivering testing and vaccinations to communities during the pandemic, we tailor our clinics to a community partner’s unique needs and goals. Our alternative community clinic models currently support the following health services; however, we continually refine our offerings to meet community and public health needs:

And here are some clinic delivery models we have powered to date. Have a unique population health need? Tell us about it and we will work with you to find the best way to keep your people healthy:

In future posts, we’ll highlight some of these community clinic models and the ways we empower community partners with easy, accessible diagnostics and vaccinations.

Start your community’s journey to better health: Call 1-855-970-3223 or contact us.

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