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Powering community vaccination clinics to close immunization gaps

  • August 24, 2023

  • Primary.Health Editorial Team

  • 3 minutes

community vaccination clinic

Primary.Health vaccination clinics make it easy to protect large groups from flu and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

A new school year and approaching flu season make this a good time for communities and public health agencies to plan a community vaccination clinic.

As part of our mission to provide simple, affordable healthcare at scale, Primary.Health supports community vaccination clinics to protect people from influenza, RSV, COVID-19, and other vaccine-preventable illnesses. Whether held in a school, church, community center, or parking lot, our vaccination clinics are an easy, efficient way to vaccinate large groups. 

We should know. To date, we’ve administered more than 1.5 million vaccinations in community clinics across the United States. We’ve seen how vaccination clinics safeguard public health and reduce health disparities by making it easy and convenient for people to receive annual flu shots and other routine immunizations. 

Clinics for every community

We work closely with our community partners to design a vaccination clinic that best supports their health needs and goals. Our HITRUST-certified, HIPAA-compliant technology is powerful and flexible enough to support many types of vaccination clinics at scale, especially for hard-to-reach populations. For example:

  • Back-to-school vaccination clinic to efficiently bring all students up-to-date on required immunizations for a safe and healthy learning environment 
  • Flu or RSV vaccine clinic at a senior center to protect older adults, who are at higher risk of serious flu and flu-related complications
  • Sexual health STI vaccination clinic for vulnerable populations to fight the spread of common sexually transmitted infections (HPV, Hepatitis A, and Hepatitis B), which are on the rise
  • Mobile vaccination clinic to administer early childhood vaccines in rural areas

Primary.Health clinic possibilities are endless! Contact us to discuss your community vaccination, diagnostic testing, and preventative care needs.

Tech-powered public health tools

The Primary.Health software platform powers every vaccination clinic. From the outset, our platform streamlines all clinic-related tasks, from registration to immunization reporting.This integrated approach frees our community partners to focus on the work they do best – caring for their populations. 

Once the clinic format is finalized, the platform streamlines every stage of your event:

  • Kickoff: We upload your participant information (such as a school roster), invite participants to attend the clinic via customized text and email messages, and help you publicize your event.
  • Registration: We make it easy for participants and families to register and provide consent online or on-site in their preferred language.
  • Vaccination: We help you calculate doses and procure vaccinations, which are administered on-site by a local healthcare provider.
  • Record-keeping: We provide online and paper vaccination records for participants.
  • Reporting: We generate data analytics to inform community health efforts and submit vaccination records to state immunization databases for compliance.

We also can train on-site staff and community health workers in platform use so your clinic operates smoothly.

Community vaccination clinic benefits

By powering vaccination clinics for a wide range of groups, from young children to the elderly, Primary.Health helps communities to avoid the potentially severe effects of influenza and other infectious diseases. We apply the same tech-powered approach to our community testing and preventative care programs.

Put the Primary.Health platform to work for your community. Schedule a demo today.

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