How Primary.Health helps public health leaders reach communities through customized outreach

October 14, 2022

Primary.Health Editorial Team

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At Primary.Health, we’re truly inspired by the efforts of our public health partners and proud that our technology platform powers these varied strategies.

My colleague, Phoebe Gutierrez and I recently spoke at the The County Health Executives Association of California (CHEAC) annual meeting (video clip below). We enjoyed putting the spotlight on several inspiring community health partners who have worked with Primary.Health to implement customized public health outreach to reach their unique populations. It’s not ‘one size fits all’ as specific needs and tactics can vary considerably across communities. What is universal however, is the pressing need to make healthcare more accessible, easier, and more equitable. These are the examples we shared.

Alameda County Department of Public Health

To increase testing and vaccination access, Alameda County partnered closely with local clinic providers to reach their population. Building trust was vital, and they focused on creating a customized process for their participants. Alameda County and their clinic partners took full advantage of Primary.Health’s ability to customize registration forms and questionnaires to ensure it was in the appropriate language for the user and that it used easy-to-understand verbiage.

San Francisco Department of Public Health

The approach taken by the San Francisco Department of Public Health can be best described as “we’ll meet you where you are.” They utilized mobile vaccination sites, pop-up clinics, and even had team members canvasing low-income neighborhoods with backpacks, delivering vaccinations to any in need, including those who were unhoused. They also have outreached at community events like the recent Leather Fest event where monkeypox vaccines were distributed.

Minnesota Department of Public Health 

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder and subsequent protests, the Minnesota Department of Public Health realized that during that tumultuous time, they also needed to protect the community as it was experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak. Primary.Health team members traveled to Minnesota to set up temporary test sites, often working with local churches, which were trusted places where local communities were gathering.

At Primary.Health, we’re truly inspired by the efforts of our public health partners and proud that our technology platform powers these varied strategies. There’s no limit to the creative tactics that can be used as long as you have a collaborative partner, a patient-centered approach and the ability to use data and feedback to inform decisions and measure effectiveness. Our company mission is to stop the spread of infectious disease and ultimately make healthcare more equitable. We’re passionate about partnering with community health leaders to achieve this goal. Please drop us a note and connect with me directly if you’d like to talk about how our public health outreach can benefit your initiatives.

Abby Stoddard

GM of Government and Public Programs

Primary Health