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HLTH 2022: The Future of Healthcare Is Proactive Disease Prevention

  • November 8, 2022

  • Primary.Health Editorial Team

  • 2 minutes

HLTH 2022 future of healthcare conference

At HLTH 2022, we look forward to connecting with organizations who want to stop the spread and severity of infectious disease.

Next week HLTH 2022 will convene 9,500 of the brightest innovators in healthcare. Billed as “where the future of healthcare happens,” the Las Vegas conference will spark conversations on public health, health equity, technology, disease prevention, clinical diagnostics, and much more. 

We’re excited to join these conversations, because we have much to learn and even more to share. This exchange began recently in a Zoom chat with our fellow Best in Class and Rising Star finalists in the UCSF | Health Hub Digital Health Awards. We’re honored by this distinction in Remote Diagnostics innovation, which recognizes our success in using tech-powered diagnostics to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

As we envision the future of healthcare, however, Primary.Health plans to aim even higher: to expand the conversation from disease management to include proactive disease prevention. This need is particularly critical in public health, where health inequities abound and opportunities to innovate are endless. 

Our award-winning grassroots initiative of bringing the clinic to the streets during the pandemic, of replacing healthcare’s traditional paper and clipboard with simple, reliable tech-powered diagnostics, demonstrated these possibilities. 

We’re eager to move the needle and leverage what we’ve learned from providing infectious disease testing and vaccination programs to the vulnerable to make healthcare more accessible to all people. We believe community leaders will drive the decentralization of care from the clinic to individuals, powered by digital technology and rapid diagnostics.

Our technology is ready; our tools are available. We can’t wait to meet like-minded partners at HLTH 2022 who are motivated to stop the spread of infectious disease by placing healthcare in the hands of the people. Ready to join us in proactive disease prevention? Reach out to the Primary.Health team today.

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