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At-home testing: 6 benefits of accessing healthcare wherever you live

  • May 25, 2023

  • Primary.Health Editorial Team

  • 2 minutes

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At-home testing eliminates many barriers people face in accessing the healthcare they need.

At-home testing has revolutionized healthcare in recent years. Its popularity is primarily due to the rise in at-home COVID-19 testing during the pandemic. Nearly one in three U.S. households used free at-home COVID-19 tests provided by the U.S. government, according to an April 2023 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Primary.Health Medical offers fast, affordable at-home test kits for consumers in 38 states for a range of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). These include chlamydia, gonorrhea, and human papillomavirus (HPV). Free consults are available for all people with a positive test result. Other at-home tests will be added soon.

Advantages of at-home testing

Not only does at-home testing offer convenience and privacy, but it can also improve health outcomes, patient adherence, and patient engagement. Here are some ways at-home testing benefits consumers:

Accessibility: At-home testing is convenient and affordable. It eliminates the need to make appointments, travel to a clinic or hospital, and wait for test results, challenges that prevent many people from accessing needed healthcare. People can perform the test wherever they are, at a time that suits them.

Privacy: Some people may feel uncomfortable discussing sensitive medical issues in a clinical setting. At-home testing offers privacy, allowing people to take control of their health without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed.

Improved Adherence: Sticking to a treatment plan can be a challenge for many people. At-home testing can help improve adherence by offering a convenient way to monitor their health and track their progress. For example, in the case of screenings for colorectal cancer, adherence was higher for home testing (71 percent) versus the more invasive colonoscopy screening (64 percent).

Patient Engagement: At-home testing can also empower people to manage their own healthcare. Using at-home tests, they can take an active role in monitoring their health and managing chronic conditions, leading to improved outcomes and quality of life.

Early Detection: At-home testing can facilitate early detection of health issues. For example, the FDA recently authorized an at-home test that can detect both flu and COVID-19, a development that will help stop the spread of infectious disease in schools and communities.

Timely Treatment: By providing people quick and easy access to testing, at-home screening can facilitate timely treatment. For example, diagnosing and treating syphilis early in pregnancy can prevent the transmission of the STI to a mother’s unborn child.

Primary.Health Medical is committed to providing at-home testing to people, regardless of location and wherever they call home.  As technology continues to advance, we will expand its at-home testing and virtual care options. 

Contact us to learn how you can offer Primary.Health Medical at-home testing to your community or organization.

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